Go Inward to Go Upward

Life does not happen according to plans. We can make detailed plans, but things will somehow always seem to rear off course. Although things do not always go as planned, we should not allow the changes to cause us to lose sight of the motivation that started us on our path. We should never lose sight of our dreams, goals, and aspirations.

When you stand on the promises of God, the rewards are long-lasting and fulfilling. Though the answers and provision may not come when we want them to, we always receive what we need right on time. There is always a silver lining waiting for us ahead. We just have to standstill, be patient, resilient, and prayful. God always provides.

Consider for a moment that the things you’ve been holding on to are the very things  preventing you from moving forward along your journey. As human beings we spend a great deal of time distracted by the cares of the world. We go days, weeks, sometimes even years without taking time for solace and solitude. We’ve become distracted by an abundance of noise, chaos, and confusion. Once our lives are a mess we then turn to God expecting a quick remedy to solve our problems. God has become the band-aid to heal the wounds we have created for ourselves. Instead of turning inwardly to seek guidance for answers, we’ve learned to spend time outwardly waiting to hear the voice of God.

God is not some mystical force sitting in heaven, waiting to hear our cries, and answer them when we call out. By turning an inward experience into an outwardly one, we’ve taken away the very essence of experiencing God. God resides within, in the space of quiet, stillness and peace. We’ve disconnected ourselves from communing with God and expect to hear the voice clearly. We have to spend time in stillness so God can speak to us. God always speaks. We just have to learn to listen.

We’ve managed to somehow turn God into a noun, referring to God as He, She, or It. By doing so, we’ve created a division between ourselves and the Higher Power. God is a verb, not a noun. God is the voice you hear in quiet stillness, free from noise, distractions, and racing thoughts.We can see, feel, and experience God everyday because God is already here. God lives with you and me. God is the force that moves and lives in every living thing. God is in the sway of leaves, the roots of trees, and the flow of rivers.

In order to improve the flow of communication with God, we must spend time inwardly, in stillness, expecting to hear that quiet voice. The more we listen, the louder the voice becomes. God is waiting for you to plug in and receive the blessings stored away just for you. Spend time in stillness today, quietly waiting to hear the voice of God. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the flow of God to move through you. Listen to the voice is within:

1. Seek peace through forgiveness: The process of healing begins through your ability to forgive others and yourself.  Begin the work to heal yourself from the inside and that process will affect the outside. Then search your heart and see if there is anyone that you need to forgive. Release it. Let it go. Forgive them and then forgive yourself. Your peace will follow.

2. Create moments of stillness: Intentional meditation practice is essential to enhance the flow of communication with God. Prayer is our ability to speak directly to God. Meditation is God’s way of speaking to us. We cannot hear the voice of God if we are in constant motion. The stillness of a disciplined meditation practice creates space for God to speak directly to you.

3. Co-Create your life with God: You are not the architect in your life you are the designer. The architect draws the blueprints the designer builds the masterpiece. Having plans for your life does not mean that they will go accordingly. We have a plan A, a plan B, all the way right through Z. Stop making unrealistic plans for your life and then ditching those plans to create new ones. Instead ask for direction and guidance so that you may work towards creating your masterpiece. Your life is the masterpiece. Consult with the architect so that your vision is not flawed or delayed. Ditch the plans, find the blueprint!

4. Get off the fence: Life is intended for you to enjoy it, not to get hung up on the fence refusing to move forward. Now is the time. Whether you have intentions of getting your business in order, making decisions initiating a spiritual practice, removing yourself from distractions and negativity, stepping forward with grace and conviction knowing that your best days are ahead of you, or whatever your work may be, now is the time to do away with being good enough and get started (or continue your walk) on your journey.  You were not born to be good enough. You were born to be great. Walk in greatness.

  • Annette Johnson
    Posted at 00:09h, 21 April Reply

    Beautiful! Keep inspiring, lifting and encouraging. You’re needed for such a time as this. ❤️❤️❤️

    • Sharon Elise
      Posted at 13:02h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you! You inspire me!

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