From Blog to Business:
How I Found Purpose

After two years of blogging, I’ve decided to turn my blog into a business!

After having my daughter, my thoughts were clouded and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.

Would I return to work? How would we afford quality childcare?

These were questions that raced through my mind on a daily basis.

I was crippled by my fear and became content with not knowing which direction my life was heading. I started blogging only after feeling guilty about doing nothing with my life.

At an early age, I had dreams of being a writer, but never actively worked towards reaching this goal.

I would make excuses for why I couldn’t write: I won’t make any money. I won’t have enough time. It’s not important. No one would read it. I was tired of making excuses.

I did not want to be someone who only ever talked about what they were going to do, without ever doing it.

I wanted to stop making excuses and start taking action.

So I did. I started writing everyday with intent and purpose. All I thought about was writing although I didn’t quite know how I would make money doing it.

After blogging for a while, friends started asking me for insight on how to find their purpose and work towards making their dreams come true.

I had the opportunity to help them find their purpose and actively work towards creating the future of their dreams.

Bonus: I started getting paid for my writing as well. This was gratifying and humbling. I’ve found my purpose.

I want to help you find yours too.

Are you feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward? Do you have a dream that you want to see come alive?

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