Four-Year Old Teacher

I love children! They are absolutely the most exceptional beings on this planet. As adults, we often feel like we know more than children because we are older; however older does not always mean wiser. Children are precious gifts from God sent here to teach us life’s most valuable lessons and there is much for us to learn from them. Their way of being is contagious and inspiring. We ought to spend more time learning from children than we do teaching them.

I recall one evening, sitting in front of the television with my four year old cousin, watching cartoons and eating granola bars. Less than two minutes had passed before I was finished with mine. Three minutes later, she looked over at me and asked, “Where’s yours?”  to which I replied, “It’s gone. I finished it.” Her reply? “That was fast.” I learned a valuable lesson that day: to live in the present moment in every moment.


Children do not have any concept of time. When time is taught to children it takes away from their ability to exist in the present moment. Children have the capability of just being in any moment unaware of anything else around them. My little cousin was able to enjoy and savor the granola bar without thinking about what would happen next. She reminded me that I did not have to rush to finish, but that I could, too, enjoy and savor the moment.

Life is full of savory moments that we miss by the constant hustle and bustle of life. It is rare that we allow ourselves to live in the present moment. We are constantly in motion with a racing mind that exists somewhere between what has already occurred and what has yet to happen. Children understand the importance of the present moment and do not take it for granted. They know far more than we give them credit for and are wise beyond their young years. These wise, knowledge beings have much to teach us, if we are willing to learn. Take a seat and allow the children in your life to teach you life’s most valuable lessons. Your life will change because of it.

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