Fear is a Liar.

“Some people look before they leap, others just leap.”
~Kris Marlene~

It is amazing how some people are just born fearless. It’s as if they can, and often will, do anything that gives them the slightest inclination of fear. They are spontaneous, adventurous, and dare-devils. They run towards the things that they fear in order to overcome them. While this may be true for some people, this is not the case for everyone. There are some of us that are not only fearful, but fear-filled.

We live in fear; fear of the unknown, fear of other people, and fear of ourselves. We box ourselves in and become paralyzed by fear. Fear prevents us from living a whole, an authentic life. It interrupts our decision-making and keeps us from experiencing life. It is time for us to step outside of our comfort zones and move forward pass our fears. 


We can choose to use our fears to mobilize us instead of holding us back. It does not have to be the thing that causes us to be stagnant and settle. Everyday you should challenge yourself to do one thing that scares you. You will notice the difference. You gain confidence, strength, and endurance to do other things, just by choosing to do one thing differently everyday. This is freedom.

Free yourself. Free yourself from fear of the past, fear of the future, and any other fear that blocks you from being your best self. Fear can be healthy if we choose to use it to our benefit. We have to let our fears work for us. The next time fear shows up, ask yourself, “what is it about this moment that is causing me to feel this way?” You’ll find that by bringing yourself to the present moment you can acknowledge your feeling of fear and consciously choose to face your fears.

Go ahead…Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Fearless.

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