Fancy Me Not

I don’t take great care of myself. I spend time caring for everyone else, but don’t spend nearly as much time caring for myself. I know that I have to take care of myself before I can take care of anyone else, but that’s been hard to do. I am managing several roles in my life and it’s gotten hard to manage. As a result, my self-care has been at an all-time low. I was doing the bare minimum to keep up with it, but that has caught up with me. I started to feel overwhelmed and stressed out.

I was barely making it to yoga classes and there were weeks that my practice has been nonexistent. So last week I was determined to squeeze some self-care in by any means necessary. Midweek, I headed to the beach with my daughter and two women friends. It was my daughter’s first trip to the beach. It was great being able to share my love of the ocean with her for the first time. It was peaceful as I ventured out deeper into the water to feel my feet planted into sand. I felt connected as I listening to the waves beat up against the shore. This was the start to my self-care week.

My husband and I had a date night on Friday night, which is a huge deal because they are far and few between. This date night was extra special because we didn’t have to be home early. Our daughter was staying over at my mother’s house and we could stay out as late as we wanted. It was my daughter’s first night without us over night. We were ready. No separate anxiety. No unnecessary text messages constantly checking in. We called to “talk” to her before her bedtime and to wish her a good night.

It felt really good being able to hang out with my husband on a Friday night at a bar and not have to rush home. Also we were able to sleep in for the first time in what seems like forever! It also felt good not having to get out of the bed until 10am! 10 AM! If you are not a parent, you will miss these later rise times. I haven’t seen a 10 AM wake up in and I don’t know how long. I finished up my adult weekend with a trip to Brooklyn’s Curlfest. Then on Sunday, I was back into mommy mode, spending the day as a family and enjoying our moments of family time. I still need to get my nails done.

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