Expect the Unexpected: Smart Goals for Effective Lifestyle Planning

We all may have expectations for how we would like our lives to unfold. We make plans, set goals, and move through life accordingly to the map that we’ve created for ourselves. For awhile, life obliges us and allows us to take control over the direction we are heading. We continue through life like this for awhile and might even develop the belief that we are in control of our life because of how smoothly the map leads us down the path.

Unfortunately life does not continue to follow our map so smoothly and we reach a point where our lives rear off course. Relationships change, people pass on, and the life we’ve envisioned for ourselves crumbles. In these moments, when things change, seemingly unexpectedly, they can be traumatic, painful, and depressing. We have no idea that these changes were “planned” all along because they were not apart of our plan.

Life does not always go according to the plans we have for ourselves. We just have to move through life, trusting and knowing, that everything has a purpose. Although we may not know what that purpose is, everything in life works together for good. Everything in this Universe was created with a divine purpose and that includes you. Your life is planned. Your life has been given to you for you to manifest the greatness that exists within you. You do not have to fight for it, you do not have to work for it, and you do not have to beg for it. It is yours.

Your life is a movie and you are the star. Life does not give us a peak into the script, but the show must go on. There will be script changes, replacement of cast members, and spontaneous, yet meaningful directing. When things occur in your life unexpectedly, say to yourself, “There’s been a change in the script!” Give yourself a moment to adjust to the changes, prepare for your new lines, and give the greatest performance of your life. Own this performance, it is the only one you will get.

Having a plan for your life will allow you to create strategies to help with the development of a goal-oriented mindset. Having a goal-centered mindset allows for the achievement of success by taking the right actions. We all have an inner desire to succeed and we all struggle to do so. However, sometimes we are so focused on the distractions in our life that it prevents us from achieving our goals.

Additionally, creating ineffective strategies can lead to fatal results that can cost a lot. Many people work extremely hard but don’t fulfill their life’s purpose. The key to achieving desired results is developing effective strategies to harness your potential in the right way.

Surprisingly, most of us abandon our success path before we can reach our destination. At times it seems hard to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel in the midst of a storm, especially when other tunnels have nothing to offer. Have you ever set a very realistic goal and then realized you couldn’t achieve your goal? Your goal setting strategies were ineffective. To achieve your goals you need to apply effective goal setting strategies.

Effective goal setting has numerous benefits to the success of your journey. Setting goals in the right way will enable you to organize your lifestyle objectives into long-term and short-term goals. This will work as your motivation and energy will fuel you to achieve your desired results. By setting clear, defined goals, you will be able to focus your acquisition of knowledge and help organize your resources in the right manner. It will also give you an optimal and organized perspective of your vital areas in life.

The following are some effective strategies to help set SMART lifestyle goals:

S – Specific

What exactly do you want? What is it you hope to achieve? What is your purpose?  This is a very important strategy that most people fall short. Many people want to succeed but not too many know what they want to succeed in. How can you set out for a journey without knowing where you are heading? Most people are working hard to go to an undefined destination. Understanding what you are working towards will help you become focused and goal-oriented. By writing down a prioritized goal list of what you intend to achieve, you will be able to be specific on what you want to achieve at a particular time. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

M- Measurable
Your goal should contain a measurable indicator to assess the amount of progress. This will be your motivation. Won’t it feel good once you have achieved your goals? Having measurable goals then dividing the goals into smaller tasks you can achieve within short time schedules will maintain your morale. Measurable goals will enable you to see how far you are from reaching your destination and how far you’ve come so far. This will also allow you to create a  self-evaluation and realize how you are faring and where you should improve. Having an action plan will be very helpful in this case. Self-evaluation is very essential as it will enable you to be on the right track.

A- Attainable
Your goals should be realistic. Don’t stretch your ability to levels you are sure you cannot reach even if you are given all the resources. Realistic and attainable goals will lift your morale high as you are sure you can achieve them. Don’t limit yourself to small petty goals. THINK BIG! You can achieve more than you think. Don’t burn out trying to achieve your goals. It is impossible to jump three stairs at a time. The success journey is gradual, takes time, and needs total commitment. Setting attainable goals will save you from giving up and viewing yourself incapable. You can set a long term goal and then break the goal into smaller tasks you can easily achieve.

R- Relevant
Your goals should be important to you and motivate you. Set goals will yield positive and satisfying results in the end. Relevant goals will motivate you as you know what you will achieve at the end. Setting relevant goals are important to connecting with your purpose and will keep you rooted as you progress towards the accomplishment of your SMART goals.

T- Time-bound
Your goals should have timelines on when you wish to achieve them. This is a very essential strategy. Having a clear time-bound will enable you to focus on one goal at a time without spending unnecessary time on areas that are unimportant. Remember time is a scarce resource and therefore you should ensure your time serves the right purpose. Spending too much time on one goal can be a hindrance to achieving other goals.

With the above SMART strategies, goal setting will prove to be a very simple task and very fruitful. It is important to set goals to help you become successful and to achieve your desired lifestyle goals. Successful people set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded goals.

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