Elevating Exchanges

Every interaction that we enter into is an exchange of energy. Our bodies are human vessels that harness the energies that we come into contact with on a daily basis. When we share space with people, we unconsciously give them permission to infect us with their energy and vice versa. Energy attracts energy. We are drawn to people based on the vibrational frequency that their bodies emit. Interactions are created based on our attraction and/or repulsion to another person’s energy. Thus, we create exchanges of energies with everyone that we connect with.

When we enter into this exchange of energy one of three things can occur. First, there can be an mutual exchange of energy. In this interaction each person feels either refueled or depleted depending on the energy levels of the people involved in the exchange. If there are two positive energy people engaging in an interaction, both people will feel energized from the interaction. Conversely, if two negative energy people exchange energies, both will feel drained.


The second exchange of energy that can occur is a one-up/one-down. During this interaction one person feels refueled and energized while the other feels depleted and drained. This is very different from the mutual exchange because both parties do not experience the same interaction. The last exchange of energy that can occur is a no energy exchange where neither person feels refueled or depleted from the interaction, instead both parties walk away from the connection with neither a gain nor a lost.

Our bodies are very sensitive to the people that we connect with. If we are experiencing continuous negative interactions on a daily basis, it takes a toll on our bodies. These experiences will create dis-ease, discomfort, and illness in our bodies. It is essential for us to be selective to the energies that we invite into our space. Become aware of the people that you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with good energy, positive vibes, and elevating exchanges.

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