Dear 20s


Today I celebrate my soul’s 30th rotation around the sun! I feel really good this thirtieth time around. Though there’s much I have yet to experience, I feel confident in knowing that I am right where I need to be. I am still learning, growing, and evolving into my best self and that has me excited for life. They say your 30s are spent unlearning the things that you learned in your twenties. I’ve already begun the process of unlearning things that no longer serve the evolution of my soul. The unlearning process is not an easy feat and comes with it’s own growing pains, but I now have the understanding that with pain comes growth.

Over the weekend, I listened to an episode of a podcast called Gettin’ Grown on iTunes. The episode entitled, “The Ghosts of Our 20’s Past,” was not only timely, but spoke to my entire soul. The hosts of the show, Keia and Jade wrote letters to their 20-year-old selves about the lessons they wish they would have known in their twenties. I thought it fitting to celebrate my 30th birthday honoring the lessons that I’ve learned thus far, and wish I would have known in this past decade of my life. So to my 20 something year old self here’s what I want you to know:

Life isn’t always pretty. There will be some ups and downs, but you will always survive. Love yourself. I mean truly love yourself without the need for outside validation because you are super dope! Be kind and patient with yourself. Life is a not a race. It’s a journey. Enjoy it. Learn to live in the moment. Cherish your family. Love wholly and freely. Be more compassionate and vulnerable. Express yourself. Forgive yourself. Don’t take things so personal. Everything is not always about you.

Learn when to let go and let go fast. You have a tendency to hold on to people way pass their expiration date. Every relationship has a purpose. Learn quickly the purpose of relationships and you will save yourself a lot of time and heartache. This includes friendships as well. And speaking of friendship, EVERYONE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Just because you are a social person does not mean that you can form friendships with everyone that you meet. Know who you friends are. In case you are wondering who your friends are, they are the ones that stick with you through your weird, distant, introvert/depression/anxiety mood swings and never leave. They see the real you without judgment, ridicule, or shame. They accept and support you and are always in your corner praying for you, encouraging you, and challenging you.

That’s what I would say to my younger self and although I know I probably wouldn’t listen. I’m somebody that has to touch the fire to know that it’s hot, but I’m learning (after repeatedly burning myself). Though there are things I would have done differently, I wouldn’t change anything about my journey because I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the things I’ve experienced thus far. There’s much that I have yet to experience and that has me excited for life. I’m still learning and growing and I’m looking forward to becoming the best version of my self in this life. So here’s to 30 and all that comes with it! To laughing, smiling, dancing, singing, being, and living! MY BEST LIFE! This is 30!

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