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Relationships lasts for a reason, a season, or a lifetime; however once an individual has served their purpose in your life, the relationship sometimes comes to an “end.” We tend to hold on to our relationships out of fear, albeit we know that we are supposed to let them go. We end up creating our own pain and suffering by choosing to hold on to a relationship that has expired.

Fear of losing the relationship, should not keep you from letting it go. It is not a failed relationship just because it did not last or go as you might have imagined. Relationships never really end, they just change. Once we come together, we are always connected.

Have you ever thought of someone after not speaking to them for a long time and then the next day you see that same person in the grocery store? This is not by happenstance. The connections that are formed do not cease to exist at the end of any relationship. Though we may not be physically capable of connecting, it does not change the magnitude of the original connection.

As you enter into the next phase of your life, reflect on the nature of your relationships. Let go of any relationships that no longer serve your higher good. Choose to surround yourself with people that create positive experiences in your life. Healthy relationships are the best relationships. There is growth waiting for you on the other side of that relationship. Embrace it.

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