Change in Direction

Life is one big movie! It is filled with ups and downs, hills and bumps,
laughter and excitement, joy and sadness. It’s a thriller, suspense,
drama, romance, comedy type of movie. It’ is all the genres packed into
one package that unfolds as your life’s movie. This is your motion
picture. Everything that is happening to you is for your greater good.
All you have to do is sit back and watch from the backseat. We don’t get
to watch it while it’s happening, although that would be great. Instead
we get to reflect back on things after they’ve already occurred,
contemplate different choices, and wonder about if things were
differently. This is the joy and excitement of life. 

There will be times in life that we will be re-routed from the current path in order to take an alternate route. During those moments, it may not appear to be reasonable to steer off course, but there is always a purpose for the change in direction. If we choose to remain steadfast down the path ignoring all signals to change directions, we will continue down a path that is unrewarding, tiresome, and turbulent. No amount of faith, hope, or fight will yield the results that you desire down a path that has not been designed for you. When we choose to resist the flow of life, we create more chaos and turmoil for our journey.


It is hard to change directions, when you believe that you know the
course that your life is on. We create a visionary map for our life and
when things do not go as planned, we fight endlessly to hang on to the
path that we have laid out. When walls are not being turned into doors,
perhaps this is a signal to us that we are headed in the wrong
direction. It does not mean that we will not reach the destination that
we have envisioned for ourselves, but perhaps is a sign of a different
way. the path of least resistance will be laid out before you. The path
where walls do turn into doors for you to walk through. We do not have
to try to manipulate the course of our life in order for it to fit the
vision; the vision creates the path. 

Recognize that everything happens for a reason and it all has a purpose. Good, bad, or indifferent things always work together for good. When you think you know where your life is headed, suddenly there will be a plot twist or a change of direction. Trust the process and enjoy the experience. Though it may not seem like it, it is all apart of the script. Relinquish your control over the direction of your life and allow your internal GPS to guide you. Watch as things manifest miraculous forming the perfect picture right before your eyes. Keep watching, keep trusting, and most of all know when it’s time to re-route!

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