Celebrating Your Victories

There are moments that we get so caught up in the process of life that we forget to celebrate the small victories that we experience along the journey. These moments serve as reminders of how far we’ve come and should be celebrated with gratitude and thanksgiving. When we are going through challenging experiences in life, it becomes hard to look pass our present experience to reflect on the victories that we’ve accomplished.

It becomes easier to get stuck in a repetitive cycle of victimization, recanting the old tales of struggle, hurt, and pain. We recant the tales of the battles that we’ve faced to affirm for ourselves that what we just experienced was meaningful and important to our journey; however rarely do we reflect in these moments of solitude to acknowledge the victories of the battles. These moments of victory give us strength to continue fighting the good fight long after the victory has passed.

Everyone else looks to the external things of the world for motivation and encouragement; however you are capable of tapping into that small hidden place that only you can assess to regain your strength. In this hidden place, you remember that you have experienced this battle before and overcame it. You have know that you will endure and succeed again.

The lessons that we’ve learned along the journey provide a sense of discernment in order to overcome any battle that we face. During moments of victory, your fears have no power over you because you’ve already conquered them. So when you are faced with these same fears again, because you will, again and again, and again, you will be able to recall your previous victories and prepare for the battle ahead. Regardless of what the unknown future holds for you in battle, trust and know that you will be victorious as you once were. Victory is the conquering moment.

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