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Change in Direction

Life is one big movie! It is filled with ups and downs, hills and bumps,
laughter and excitement, joy and sadness. It’s a thriller, suspense,
drama, romance, comedy type of movie. It’ is all the genres packed into
one package that unfolds as your life’s movie. This is your motion
picture. Everything that is happening to you is for your greater good.
All you have to do is sit back and watch from the backseat. We don’t get
to watch it while it’s happening, although that would be great. Instead
we get to reflect back on things after they’ve already occurred,
contemplate different choices, and wonder about if things were
differently. This is the joy and excitement of life. 
There will be times in life that we will be re-routed from the current path in order to take an alternate route. During those moments, it may not appear to be reasonable to steer off course, but there

Be the Change

There is much that can be said about all the atrocities taking place in this country and around the world. Instead of being another voice reiterating what has already been said, adding another opinion into the discussion of segregation, racism, and discrimination, I do not wish to partake in such conversations. Please do not confuse my refusal to engage in these discussions as having a lack of an opinion. I have an opinion I just do not wish to discuss it. Having an opinion on something does not mean that you have to share it with others.
We find ourselves updating our statuses, commenting, and ranting on about the controversial issues that sprawl across our newsfeeds and television screens. While I do believe that it is important to stay abreast on the issues that are effecting our communities, I do not see it fit nor helpful to add reactions to

To the Crazy Ones

Though many people would like to think that I am crazy, I would like to believe that I am a sound-minded person. I’ve been called crazy more times than I care to remember, both directly and indirectly. I used to shy away from this and hated the notion that anyone would refer to me as crazy. I then realized that some of the most intelligent people in the world were also thought to be crazy, so I guess I am with good company. I’ve learned that people’s inability to comprehend the magnitude of excellence that exists within you leads them to referring to you as crazy. Being misunderstood has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their lack of comprehension about you.
To be unique in this world has become a foreign concept. It has been shunned, blasphemed and then turned into the latest trend. How dare you

Celebrating Your Victories

There are moments that we get so caught up in the process of life that we forget to celebrate the small victories that we experience along the journey. These moments serve as reminders of how far we’ve come and should be celebrated with gratitude and thanksgiving. When we are going through challenging experiences in life, it becomes hard to look pass our present experience to reflect on the victories that we’ve accomplished.
It becomes easier to get stuck in a repetitive cycle of victimization, recanting the old tales of struggle, hurt, and pain. We recant the tales of the battles that we’ve faced to affirm for ourselves that what we just experienced was meaningful and important to our journey; however rarely do we reflect in these moments of solitude to acknowledge the victories of the battles. These moments of victory give us strength to continue fighting the good fight long

How are you?

It is a phrase that is spoken perhaps more than a billion times per day; however we rarely stop to reflect on the true meaning of the question. “How are you” has become a conversation starter or polite greeting but we never expect to hear a truthful response. Sometimes we don’t even wait for the general one-word response before our minds are racing on to the next thing. There is no value placed on the state of another human being. Our communication has become screwed and in many ways this masked communication has prevented authenticity and honesty from existing in our relationships.
For a week straight, I responded as honest as possible when I was asked “How are you?” I even managed to explain my melancholy mood on an off day; however the responses I received were cliché and apathetic to say the least. I was met with indifference and awkward

God Within

As human beings we spend great deal of our time being distracted by the cares of this world. We go days, weeks, sometimes even years without time in solace and solitude. We’ve become distracted by an abundance of noise, chaos, and confusion. Once our lives are a mess we then turn to God expecting a quick remedy to solve our problems. God has become the band-aid to heal the wounds that we have created for ourselves. Instead of turning inwardly to seek guidance for answers, we’ve learned to spend time outwardly waiting to hear the voice of God.

God is not some mystical force sitting in heaven, waiting to hear our cries, and answer them when we call out. We’ve taken away from the very essence of experiencing God by turning an inward experience into an outwardly one. God resides within, in the space of quiet stillness and peace. We’ve disconnected

Ode To My Friends

I often say jokingly that I do not have any friends. It is a common joke between one of my girlfriends and I. As we’ve grown older distance has wedged itself into the crevices of our friendships. Things have changed drastically from the times of adolescence, when we were capable of spending most of our waking hours with our friendship, sharing in laughter, gossip, and the earlier experiences of life.
As we move through life and our responsibilities increase, we do not share in those same experiences of togetherness with our friends as we once did during earlier phases of our life. We no longer can spend an immense amount of time talking on the phone, watching favorite T.V. shows, or partying every weekend. We begin to enter into a phase of life where we rejoin our family system, work on creating our own family system, and dedicate most of

Stand in Peace

There is a war going on in America. It’s not just a racial war, as so many of us would like to believe, it is a war against class. Money is the motivation of the system. Money is what fuels capitalism and keeps the system standing. If you want to fight the system, you need to fight the system with money. By changing your relationship with money, how you spend it, and invest it, you can create economic wealth for yourself and your community (if you choose) and negatively impact the foundation of the system; however we do not need to fight the system, we need to circumvent it.
The only way that we can circumvent the system is by choosing to stand in peace. True peace is absence of anger, hatred, revenge, violence, and negativity. Anger begets anger, violence begets violence, and negativity begets negativity. If we continue to