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Hard to Be Different

Last night, BET premiered the 10th Annual Black Girls Rock Awards show. During her acceptance of the Rock Star award, Rihanna encouraged girls to love themselves and accept who they are. Oh, if it was so easy!? Most people don’t even have insight into who they are in order to love themselves. In fact, many people reject parts of themselves out of fear of rejection, ridicule, and shame. Instead we turn a blind eye to the not-so likable parts of ourselves in order to be accepted for someone that we are not. In order to fully love ourselves, we must first recognize and acknowledge the good with the bad.
Unfortunately, we all were born into a world that sends contradictory messages about what it means to be you. We say that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but what really matters is on the outside. Whole groups of people are

Mind Your Own Business

Social media has created a platform for people to run amuck, proclaim their pettiness, display their ignorance, and showcase a lack of sensitivity and compassion. I wanted to break down the notion of “minding your own business,” especially with the increase of social media drama that has flooded the Internet. “Mind” is an esoteric concept of present and awareness of self. To “mind your own business” essentially means to be aware of self. To be aware of self means to focus on self yet we sometimes get away from this and focus on other people. Relationships are sustained through our ability to trust one another and maintain a sense of loyalty. Chaos and conflict in relationships stem from the lack of one’s capability to mind their own business.
As much as many of us would like to say that we don’t focus on other people’s business, the fact is that anytime

Baggage Check

Today I caught myself carrying around a huge amount of anxiety. Then the thought came to me, “why do I feel like this?” Had it been the unpleasant encounter with T-mobile customer service rep or rushing to make an appointment that I ultimately missed!? Whatever it was, I didn’t want to feel it anymore. It was taking up space in my chest and it was weighing me down. It was heavy. So I made a conscious decision to let it go. I took a deep breathe, accepted it, and continued along with my day. Right in that moment.
Had I not made the choice to accept what I was feeling in the moment, I’m sure my day would have been horrible, but instead I allowed the anxiety to move through my body as I continued to move through the day. This made me think about all the baggage that we carry

Spring’s Renewal

It has been approximately 42 days since my last post. I would like to say that I am sorry for being away for so long, however the time away was much needed. I do apologize for my lack of communication regarding my sudden “disappearance.” I greatly appreciate the heartfelt text messages, emails, and inquires about missing my daily doses of love. I cannot tell you how much hearing from you all meant to me during this time.
Over the course of these days, I’ve spent a great deal of time in reflection and meditation. In all transparency, I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle of my life. I experienced several transitions in a short period of time and it was a lot to bear all at once. I did not want to allow my personal issues to interfere with the work that God has called me to do.

Silver Lining

Go to school they said, get an education they said. People have a tendency to paint a picture of a future life for you that is meaningful, enriching, and successful. Unfortunately life does not always look like the picture that was painted for you. The process tends to be quite different than what people lead us to believe. After going through high school, undergraduate, graduate, and now half-way through doctoral school, I had hopes of securing a position in a field that I had worked so hard to succeed in. Sadly that is not what happened.
In fact, I spent a whole year unemployed, searching for a job. It wasn’t that I could not find a job, I had gone on several interviews during that time and was offered positions, however I was searching for a job that was aligned with my goals, values, and beliefs. I wanted to work at

Expect the Unexpected

We all may have expectations for how we would like our lives to unfold. We make plans, set goals, and move through life accordingly to the map that we’ve created for ourselves. For awhile, life obliges us and allows us to take control over the direction that we are headed. We continue through life like this for awhile and might even develop the belief that we are in control of the course of our life because of how smoothly the map leads us down the path.
Unfortunately life does not continue to follow our map so smoothly and we reach a point where our lives rear off course. Relationships change, people pass on, and the life we’ve envisioned for ourselves crumbles. In these moments, when things change, seemingly unexpectedly, they can be traumatic, painful, and depressing. We have no idea that these changes were “planned” all along because they were not

Begin with Peace

Ask any person in this world what they want in life and their reply will be, “To be happy.” Though no person in the history of the human race can say that they have been or always are happy, we strive for this state of being daily. Happiness is not a permanent state of being. We fluctuate in and out of moments of happiness based on our experiences and the sensations that we feel from being stimulated from those experiences. We then equate these moments into our understanding of what it means to be happy.
The richest people in the world are generally the unhappiest and the most impoverished people in the world are usually the happiest. Yet we’ve come to equate time, money, and success with happiness. Materialism and intangible things have become representations of our happiness. We believe that we will be happier once we reach a certain level