Beyond the Board: Bringing Your Vision to Life

I wanted to be purposeful about what I was adding to my board.

I finally had the opportunity to sit down and work on it uninterrupted over the weekend.

As I added each word or phrase, I was able to reflect on why I was adding it and to think about its purpose.

I had a plan.

There were some words that didn’t make it on the board.

Ones that I thought were aligned with my vision but didn’t fit into the overall picture.

Once I finished, I sat with it for awhile. I envisioned the story it was telling.

It was mine.

Now, that I’ve completed my vision board, it’s time to start working on it.

How has the year been for you so far?

It’s only been seven days, but for me, it feels like so much time has passed already.

Have you started working on your vision board?

I’d been working on mine for about two weeks and intended to have it finished before the new year, but…

Life happens.

I attempted to finish it last week while my daughter colored, but that was an epic fail.

I did manage to cut out everything I wanted to go on the board, so all I needed to do was glue everything on.

Sounds simple enough, right?


This wouldn’t be like the last time I did a vision board, rushed and unintentional.

One of my goals for this year was to have my first course published by January 2018.

Beyond the Board is now open for enrollment.

This course is for anyone interested in moving beyond their vision board to create their vision.  In this five day-email course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about turning your vision into reality.

Don’t have a vision board? No problem, this course can be completed by anyone who has a vision. You do not have to have your board completed to enroll in this course. All you need is an able mind and the willingness to create the life you dream about.

The course will be open for a limited time only. Enroll now.

Creating vision boards with your friends? Take the class together, it’s FREE! Share with a friend.

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