Beyond Grateful

Yesterday was the official 1-month anniversary since the
launch of this blog. I wanted to take the time out to thank you, my readers. I’m
so grateful and appreciative for you because without you this blog would not
exist. You have filled me with so much light and love through this journey.

Your feedback, words of encouragement, sharing these posts
on your social media accounts, and just taking the time to read them each day
truly means a lot to me. There will never be enough words to express my
gratitude. The thing about starting something is that once you have it going
you can’t stop.


You all hold me accountable for posting each day. Support
does not always come from the people you expect it from, but you all have been
extremely supportive during this journey. There are times that I don’t want to
write and think that no one will notice, but then someone will send a text or
email sharing how much they have loved these posts, how this blog has been inspiring
and motivating, and it gives me just the push I need to keep it going.

You all have motivated me so much, and I do not
take your support lightly. So today I honor and thank you, for all that you do
in support of This is absolutely a dream come true and it
could not have happened without you. THANK YOU!! I love each and every one of
you! Have a blessed day!

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