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Much Love

Last week my womanfriend and I were having a conversation about friendships and how our friendship has changed over the years. We’ve been friends since college and although there were periods of time that we didn’t speak as much, we always picked back up right where we left off. Each time engaging in elevating and stimulating conversation, that reminded us just why we are friends. We are always there for each other and we know that we can rely on one another regardless of where we are in life. We recognized, though, that all friendships aren’t created equal.
There are some friendships that aren’t built to withstand the busy spells, mood swings, and distant phases that come along as a result of adulting in life. Sometimes distance is created in friendships in order to elevate the progression of both individuals. I know I wasn’t always able to hold space for friends when

Planning Time

I read an article last week about Elon Musk, CEO of Telsa, managing his time in 5-minute time intervals. Can you imagine how busy your life must be to plan around 5-minute intervals!? According to the article, Musk even eats his lunch in 5 minutes or less. He believes planning his day into 5 minute slots increases his productivity and allows for an optimized agenda. Knowing that I needed to change the way I manage my time, I thought I should attempt to make a schedule planning my time into intervals too.
I thought if I was going to change my procrastinating ways that I needed to take action about making better use of my time. So I started planning my days into hour-by-hour time slots, including time for playtime with my daughter, yoga classes, morning meditation, and rest. I scheduled 3 hours per day for writing and planned for an earlier bedtime and

Surviving Marriage

All the statistics show that I should be divorced by now. And it’s not like I haven’t thought about it. I’m sure at some point every married person has thought about it or will think about it. If anyone says otherwise I would think they are lying. Marriage is hard work. It’s not like any other relationship I’ve ever been in. At 29 years old, entering into a marriage at 8 months pregnant was insane. On top of the emotional instability that comes along with pregnancy, it was a tumultuous time in our marriage, when it was supposed to be a time of bliss.
My husband and I were struggling with our new roles as mom and dad, when we had yet to solidify our roles as husband and wife. I also was not the nicest person during my pregnancy. It was a difficult transition and one that I wasn’t sure

I’m Listening God

God boxed me into a corner to beat me up four times this past week. On my way to yoga class I was procrastinating, knowing that I needed to go but wasn’t moving to prepare to go. Once I realized that I was going to be late, I was really upset about it. Until I realized that if I was going to be late, it was my fault for waiting until the last minute to get ready. I failed to prepare properly and as a result, I wasn’t going to get the outcome that I wanted because of my own poor judgment. When this came to me, I thought, “Okay, God, I hear you!”
That is what happened the first time around with the blog. I was procrastinating, thinking that something miraculous and profound would just come to me. I was waiting for the perfect moment to write, but refusing to

Finding My Voice

A friend told me that I have a powerful voice. This blew me away. No one has ever said anything remotely positive about my voice. ‘Til this day, I feel extremely uncomfortable when I have to leave a voicemail, usually opting out. Growing up, I was constantly reminded of how annoying and whining my voice was. Although it was something that I loved doing, I stopped talking and singing.
I stopped because I didn’t believe in the power of my own voice. I allowed the opinions of others to cause me to sink inside of myself, losing my authentic voice in the process. I didn’t realize that I had stopped talking and singing. Not on a conscious level anyway. I wasn’t talking about the things that matter. Not about how I feel. How I feel hurt. How I feel scared. How I feel broken. How there are days, weeks, even months

Dear 20s

Today I celebrate my soul’s 30th rotation around the sun! I feel really good this thirtieth time around. Though there’s much I have yet to experience, I feel confident in knowing that I am right where I need to be. I am still learning, growing, and evolving into my best self and that has me excited for life. They say your 30s are spent unlearning the things that you learned in your twenties. I’ve already begun the process of unlearning things that no longer serve the evolution of my soul. The unlearning process is not an easy feat and comes with it’s own growing pains, but I now have the understanding that with pain comes growth.
Over the weekend, I listened to an episode of a podcast called Gettin’ Grown on iTunes. The episode entitled, “The Ghosts of Our 20’s Past,” was not only timely, but spoke to my entire soul.

The Crown

Lately on social media there has been a lot of memes referencing Queens. A quick scroll through my timelines will reveal loads of #blackgirlmagic and #blackqueens professing that ‘Queens fix Queens crowns.” I despise this notion that as women there is something that needs to be fixed and that we can fix for one another. To fix implies that there is something that is broken or out of place. Why is it that when we go through daily life stressors that there’s a stigma that comes along with it. That we are made to feel weakened or less than for being vulnerable and going through real life shit.
Perhaps we need to change the way in which we look at vulnerability. When we experience difficult times in life, like raising a child alone or battling depression, these are just moments. We shouldn’t judge or label these moments because we all go

The Tribe

My husband jokes a lot that I’m in love with my womenfriends. I say women friends because it’s nothing girl-like about the women I surround myself with. I actually think it’s a great joke because I am in love with my womenfriends. Personally I believe if you aren’t in love with your womenfriends then you need new friends. I love that my womenfriends are there to support me in my moments of weakness. They whole space for me without shame or judgment, allowing me to just be. Allowing me to be whoever I may need to be.
And they are dope and they do dope things. It’s not about their careers or how much money they make or what kind of cars they drive or what kind of house they live in. My womenfriends are dope because they have good energy and positive vibes. Whenever I’m around them or with them


Happy Relaunch Day!! I’m so excited to be back with an all new layout, fresh content, and much much more. It’s been over a year since I last updated the site with content and a lot has happened since then. I’ve become a mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur (more on all of that in the weeks to come). Since going through all of these major life transitions, I’ve grown a lot, learned some valuable lessons, and embodied myself more fully.
It was a scary, stressful, and depressing time while going through these transitions, but I survived. It would have been helpful for me to continue writing during that time, but I wasn’t willing to be vulnerable with my experiences. I was going through a normal transition of life, judging myself for experiencing natural emotions and was fearful that everyone else would judge me too. So I didn’t share what I

Social Privacy

Over the weekend my husband and I celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday. It was also the first time I shared that I had a daughter on social media. When we found out that I was pregnant, we knew that we didn’t want to announce it on social media. At the time, we were already engaged and had not made a big announcement on social media. Only our closest friends and family knew of our engagement so of course our pregnancy wouldn’t be any different. I asked my mother how she announced her pregnancy to people when she was expecting with me.
I’m a very private person and didn’t want our good news to be shared with 1500+ people that I really didn’t know and that didn’t really know me. It was a personal, intimate, and very special moment in my life and I wanted to share the news with those that