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Let Go

Each day the sun rises we are blessed with another day to experience the gift of life. Unfortunately the sad truth is that many people are living, but are not alive. To be alive is to experience the fullness of life, to walk in authentic truth, and to operate from a space of conscious awareness. That means to inhabit every experience that is afforded to us. New job embrace it; loss of a job, embrace it. New relationship, embrace it; end of a relationship, embrace it.
Every good or bad thing that we experience in life is intended for us to embrace it with the same attitude: gratefulness. Complaining about the course of our life does not change it. In fact it keeps us stagnant and held in a place that has no forward movement. Life is a leveling up of sorts, a maturing. We will not experience progression in

Deceitful Fear

Fear is one of the most deceiving feelings that exist in the spectrum of human emotions. While fear has played a major role in the evolution of the human race, triggering a response to physical harm and danger, it has evolved to include unrealistic threats of the mind. Fear is the natural response to the unknown and since we are not capable of knowing what the future holds, we are constantly in a state of fear. It never goes away.
As a result, we’ve allowed fear to become the controller of our lives, holding us back from our true growth, potential, and abundance. We’ve created excuses for ourselves about why we cannot accomplish the things that we ultimately want to do, masking our fears in lack of time, money, and resources. Fear is what holds you back from pursuing your dreams. Once you’ve come one fear, another arises, and then

Recognize. Accept. Celebrate.

In the Judaism religion and culture, last night marked the beginning of the Hanukkah celebration. Hanukkah, which means dedication, is an eight-day celebration in remembrance of the Jewish people who defeated the Greek army in 165 B.C. During this time of celebration Jewish people light the menorah each night to represent the oil that continued to burn during those eight nights of battle for their ancestors. They also celebrate by sharing foods, songs, and games.
America has become a melting pot, filled with people of different cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.  As we continue to grow as a country, we must educate ourselves on the customs and traditions of our American brothers and sisters. The minuscule differences that make up who we are as human beings, represent about 1% of who we really are. If we strip away our physical layers, cultural beliefs, religious backgrounds, age, gender, etc., we are

Begin with Peace

Ask any person in this world what they want in life and their reply will be, “To be happy.” Though no person in the history of the human race can say that they have been or always are happy, we strive for this state of being daily. Happiness is not a permanent state of being. We fluctuate in and out of moments of happiness based on our experiences and the sensations that we feel from being stimulated from those experiences. We then equate these moments into our understanding of what it means to be happy.
The richest people in the world are generally the unhappiest and the most impoverished people in the world are usually the happiest. Yet we’ve come to equate time, money, and success with happiness. Materialism and intangible things have become representations of our happiness. We believe that we will be happier once we reach a certain level

Fueling the Fire

The human race has experienced so much tragedy. Throughout our lifetime, there has been a significant increase in the number of traumatic experiences that have occurred. In this year alone, we’ve endured numerous mass shootings, bombings, and plane crashes. Instead of looking inwardly for ways to recover, heal, and prevent further tragedies, we resort to placing blame on outside forces to improve our quality of life.
We have blamed gun laws, government officials, security protection, etc. for the tragedies that have occurred. Though there are things that can be done externally to address the crises of the world, we have to also look internally, both individually and collectively, at who we are as a human race. The war of the world is not only taking place globally, internationally, and nationally. It is also local, familial, and personal. It is in our communities, in our schools, and in our homes.


This is Love

Love is the greatest substance on this planet. It has the power to create, heal, and transform. It is by far the most powerful superpower that the human race will ever know. Though it is very much apart of our daily lives, many people do not have an understanding of the depth and magnitude of what love truly is. Love is more than the physical and emotional stimulation that we feel from another person when they have done something satisfying for us. Love goes far beyond anything that anyone can do for you.
Over time we’ve formed distorted views and opinions of love and have succumbed to the mediocre ideals of it. We meaninglessly use the term and reduce it’s power to a simple word instead of an experience. We have created a subjective perspective of it and as such our expression of love varies depending on various dynamics that affect

Hello December

December is one of the most wonderful months of the entire year. Perhaps it is due to the heightened energy surrounding the holiday season. The brightness of the lights, the celebratory spirits, and the joyous wonders that the month brings. It is the closing of a chapter, the beginning of an end. December is the perfect time to finish off what you’ve started in one year or lack thereof, and to begin to prepare for a new phase of your life.
December is a month of reflection, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is the perfect time to begin to reflect on all that the year has bought you through. The celebrations that you experienced, the struggles that you’ve overcome, and the changes that you’ve endured. December closes the chapter of one book and prepares you for the sequel to the next.

Today marks the first day of the last month in this year.

Seeds of Greatness

There will come a point in your life where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. When this moment comes, if it hasn’t already, there will be nothing or no one that can hold you back from moving forward, walking towards greatness, and pushing pass being “good enough.” Though it may seem easier to reject the feelings of discontentment and dis-ease, in these moments we are no longer satisfied by a space that has not provided growth and stimulation.
Though comfortable, this territory now appears to be unrewarding and unchallenging. You may notice a change in your motivation to go to work, an ambivalence to hang out with your friends, or hopelessness of the fairy tale ending you’ve dreamed of with your partner. When the things in your life that once gave you great joy and pleasure become hardships and burdens, a breakthrough is beginning to manifest in