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Manifesto of Truth

This is a space of love, a space where I will give you the
vulnerable truth. I will share stories, quotes, and poetry that you may love or
that will perhaps even make you cry. I am not an expert nor do I claim to be. In
fact, I admit to my own ignorance. It may appear to some that I have a great
deal of knowledge, however there is much that I am unaware of and still do not
know. I am constantly seeking, learning, and growing. This is who I am. I am a
seeker, a seeker of knowledge and of truth.
This is only an expression of the knowledge and truth that
I’ve learned along the way. I share it with you in hopes that it will change
your perspective of life and awaken you to the truth of our being. You do not
have to like, understand, or even agree with anything that I share.

Spread Love

Who do you love? I mean really, who do you love? Besides your family and friends? Do you love the mailman that delivers your mail every day or the seamstress at the cleaners that tailors your pants? How about the waiter who serves you food at a restaurant? Or perhaps the person sitting next to you on the train. Out of all the connections that we make on a daily basis, how often are we really connecting with the people we come into contact with.

Making connections and sharing in the experiences of each others lives is important. Though we do not have knowledge of what another person is going through, we have the power to turn a bad day into a good one. Let us not forget the impact a simple “Hello” or “Good morning” can make in someone’s day. Just by saying “good morning”, it communicates to the other

Soulful Sundays

“This is my worship.
This is my praise. This is my art. This is my voice.” ~Sharon Elise~

Sundays have always been days of solace, peace, and
reflection. Whether I’m spending the morning in church, having brunch with my
girlfriends, or relaxing on the couch doing absolutely nothing, I find peace
in those moments, just because it’s Sunday.
On Sundays the air feels lighter. The pace feels
slower.  The noise seems quieter. There’s
something about the energy of Sundays. It’s as if the cares of the world just disappear. It is a day of renewal.
Although not the official Sabbath, Sunday has always felt
like the holy day of rest. So Sundays are the days. The days filled with light
and love. The days that provide a degree of happy assurance that everything is
going to be okay. The days of relaxation as you prepare to start the workweek.
Sundays are days of praise and worship.
Last Sunday, I showcased one

Power of Prayer

14 years ago today, in America, we experienced one of the
most tragic experiences of our country’s history. As we hold those that we lost
in our memories today, let us continue to pray for our country and our world.
Let’s pray for understanding, peace, and equality. Let us not forget those
brave and fearless service men and women that lost their lives protecting and
saving the lives of our fellow citizens. Today should not be a day of sadness
but a day of remembrance. It should serve as a sign of what we can overcome as
a country when we are united.
While the September 11th attacks were a horrific
experience for us all as a nation, it showed the camaraderie and solidarity
between us as citizens of this great nation. Today let us remember that
solidarity, that peace that we shared. Let’s get back to coming together in prayer
and support of one another. We need it. Our country

Faith in Action

When you decide to take a leap of faith and start the walk
towards pursuing your dreams, you will be met with lots of challenges,
setbacks, and disappointments. Do not let any of this discourage you from being
committed to the journey. You are here today because you overcame whatever
obstacles life has placed in your way. You did not quit nor give up. You were
purposeful, intentional, and committed to your success. Keep approaching life
in this manner, for you will need this type of attitude to succeed in every
endeavor throughout life.
This will require stepping outside of your comfort zone and
challenging yourself to face your fears. One of my favorite quotes comes from
Iyanla Vanzant and she says,“To go towards that which makes you most uncomfortable
because that’s the only way you will grow.” This means doing what others refuse to do in order to get the
job done. Even when the people who you have come

Transformational Feedback

A few weeks ago, I read this article, “How
to handle too much feedback,” and was introduced to Ann Friedman’s The Disapproval Matrix. I was very inspired by
this matrix! We are so boggled down by criticism that we do not have the
opportunity to reflect on the feedback that we receive and process it
accordingly. In this matrix, Ann Friedman illustrates two types of feedback that we receive (rational and irrational) and the people from whom we receive it
(lovers, critics, frenemies, and haters). We all experience a constant
flow of criticism on a daily basis, but we do not have insight into how we
should efficiently process the information that we receive.
Feedback can be frustrating and depressing. It can leave us feeling invaluable and defeated. As we go
throughout our days, we are constantly giving and receiving feedback, often
times without being consciously aware of it. We are criticizing another anytime that we express disapproval of

This Moment

Your life will never be more than it is at this present
moment. If you are not happy with your life right now, no amount of money,
fame, or fortune has the power to change that. We do not get to some magical
finish line and then *pow* life
is great. This is the common misconception about life. We convince ourselves
that once we accomplish our goals, our lives will be better. When, in fact, we
continue to acquire new goals and strive to reach new heights after each goal
is accomplished. Success is a never-ending hamster wheel. Being “successful”
does not mean that the cares of this world will be caste away.
We create so much anxiety for ourselves, thinking about how
we will get through the next thing, and then the next thing. We lose sight of
what’s really important by focusing our attention on what’s to come. Whether
it’s the next hour, the next day, or some date