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Love of Oneself

Self-love is one of the most widely talked about self-help topics of today. Many authors, singers, and speakers have discussed the importance of self-love. With all the resources available on this topic, one might think there was no room for new materials to be created, nothing more to be said; yet there are still many people struggling with self-love. Could it be that, though there are numerous resources that have been provided, we have yet to implement the tools from those resources to improve our self-love? What has kept us from truly grasping a hold of our being and accepting the totality of who we are?
Self-love is not something that we can attain and then move on to the next thing. Every day we have to make a commitment to love ourselves, wholly, freely, and boldly as we are. When you make a mistake, love yourself; judge someone, love yourself;

Collective Beings

Life is this very intricate concept that is impossible to master and understand. Though we’ve all entered into this complex loop individually, we entered into the human existence collectively. Over time as we’ve moved through our human existence, we’ve lost sight of the collectiveness that exists within the individual. We no longer live by the philosophy, ‘‘it takes a village to raise a child” but instead have adopted the phrase, “I’m all about self.” This ‘self’ has become the most monumental being of our human existence. We feed it, validate it, clothe it, and love it. This ’self’ has joined together with other ‘selves’ to create a community of individualistic thought patterns with an illusion of collectiveness.
We’ve segregated ourselves into cliques, squads, posses, and teams. We’ve made it cool to exclude those that are different from us and that don’t fit into our group. We’ve blurred the lines of

Ego Check

The truth is sometimes hard for us to swallow. We all say that we want truth, but the moment that we enter into a space to receive it, our feelings are hurt and our egos are bruised. Though we would like to believe that we can handle the truth, our egos would much rather accept a lie. In fact, the ego will go as far as fabricating and altering the truth to make it acceptable for us to process and receive it. Ego knows no truth.
The ego is an aspect of our cognitive process and manifests itself through our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is not a thing per se, but more of a mental state of being. It is manipulative, deceiving, and untrustworthy. The ego feels threatened and attacked when it does not or cannot have its’ way. It fights to be seen, heard, and feared. The ego believes

Wonder Woman

There is so much power that women possess in this world, yet we’ve somehow lost sense of this innate power. We’ve been taught that we are somehow less than our male counterparts. Our womanhood has been ridiculed, diminished, and reduced to our physical appearance, sex appeal, and childbearing abilities. We’ve allowed society to define who we are and what we are capable of. We are much more than the outer layers of our being. We are finer than gold and have the fire within us that burns more than a thousand suns.
Society has taught us that women are weak, fragile, and in need of protection. When we say to our daughters that they cannot stay out late, but their brothers can, what we are saying is that ‘you, daughter cannot protect yourself the way your brother can.’ We unconsciously are sending the same message to our sons: that girls

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a quality, a gift, that is rarely shown among the human race. Many people hope and dream of being referred to as kind, yet we lack the willingness to inhabit the true nature of kindness. We were all born into this world kind-hearted individuals and then the world took its toll on us. The world shaped and molded us with it’s harsh realities and we became hard to the core. We met people that took advantage of us, our kindness was abused, and we developed a hardness that blocked out the world.
Over time our kindness became secluded, reserved for those we deemed deserving and worthy of it. Kindness is now masked beyond layers of anger, conceit, and bitterness. These layers have served as protection from the outer world and also prevents anyone for penetrating the inner core of natural being: soft, loving, and kind. How many times

Remaining Committed

Commitment is a scary thing. Once you start something and say that you will do it, there’s a certain level of commitment and dedication that is required to continue it. Today marks 100 days since the start of this blog. It is a huge milestone and accomplishment. Though there were many days that were met with doubt and uncertainty, a choice was made to face those fears head on and to move forward anyway.
We all must demonstrate a certain level of dedication and commitment to our dreams in order to bring them to fruition. You must be willing to remain committed to your vision, even when doubt and fear seep into your thoughts, even when the support of your family and friends is not there, and long after the passion and motivation has subsided. Remaining committed means that you are willing to do what you said you would, long

Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is the essence of all that we are. It is in the smile of a young child, in the fellowship between friends, and in the cold frost of a winter night. There is so much beauty in the world, but it goes unnoticed because of our distorted views of what beauty truly is. Beauty is the vine from which love grows. It is in everything that is grounded and created in love. Where there is love there is beauty.
Somehow beauty has mistakenly become interchangeable with attraction. Society has had a substantial influence on our views of beauty and as a result, we believe that the true nature of beauty is rooted in our physical characteristics. Beauty has nothing to do with outside attributions and has everything to do with what is already innate. It is not something that can be with a trivial eye. Beauty just is.


Never Stop

At some point in all of our lives we were afforded the opportunity to sit in a classroom and be taught by a teacher. The teacher’s responsibility was to educate us on things that we were not yet knowledgeable of or needed to master skills in. As we moved through our schooling years, each grade level added on to the knowledge that we received from the previous years. That is, until we reached the highest level of our learning experience and adopted the notion that our educational experience was completed.
Most people do not consider furthering their education upon completion of their formal schooling. They feel that they’ve learned all they need to know and that there’s not much more that needs to be gained. Formal education only provides us with the basic tools that we need
to survive, but we don’t just want to survive, we want to thrive.
Thriving requires seeking out