Against All Odds

Yesterday I attempted to count the number of times that I’d fallen
short. I lost count. I realized there were numerous times in my life that I had
sunk into this dark place filled with guilt, shame, and despair. I would feel
defeated and ready to quit, give in, and give up on life. These were moments
of weakness. I’m grateful for these moments of weakness because within them
I found my strength.

There’s no clear map for the journey of life. Sometimes it
will leave us feeling lost, confused, and broken. Though life is filled with
many ups and downs, we have to get up and keep moving forward regardless of
what comes our way. There is an array of different emotions, both good and bad,
that exists in this life and we cannot have one without the other. That is to say,
we cannot experience joy without pain or happiness without sadness. The beauty
of life is that we get to experience it in its fullness.

We should not get attached to the process of life, but should instead focus on experiencing it. The more we are capable of going with
the flow of life, the more we are capable of accepting moments of weakness. When dark clouds appear be like an eagle and fly through the storm. The darkness does not ever go away but there is always light on the other side.  You will always have to
overcome it in order to continue your walk towards greatness.

Regardless of the number of times life knocks you down, what
matters most is that you get back up. You are stronger than
anything life brings your way. There is a light within you that shines bright. This light cannot shine without the darkness. Keep pushing forward,
steadfast and know that when life knocks you down, you have the power to make a choice to get back up. Never give
in and never give up!

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