At an early age, Sharon began curating ideas in her mind and writing them out on paper. An avid writer, she kept notebooks filled with her writings and poetry.

Sharon's formal education started at  Kean University, where she received both her bachelors and masters degrees in Psychology in 2008 and 2012, respectively.  After graduating from Kean, Sharon thrust head first into corporate America and the unforgiving cycle of the daily grind. It was during this time she was determined to work toward pursuing her passion of teaching, writing and speaking about total body wellness.

During her time at Antioch University in New Hampshire, where she enrolled to pursue a doctorate degree, Sharon deepened her spiritual and holistic practice. Being away from home allowed Sharon the time to complete informal training on holistic wellness.

Sharon was working at several highly paid but unsatisfying jobs and she knew it was time to fill the void with her love for writing. Though she never stopped writing, it was at this point in her life she began to live in her purpose and the distinctive Sharon Elise voice really began to take form. Sharon started her own blog “Sharon Elise” and began writing articles and blogging to inspire people to begin the walk towards finding their purpose.

In 2014 she began to make aggressive strides in educating others on the importance of total body wellness. She has been a guest speaker for several organizations speaking on topics such as wellness, purpose, and empowerment. She co-founded a women’s empowerment group, hosted several meetups focusing on wellness, and received formal training as a doula and yoga instructor.

Sharon has positioned herself in her hometown of Newark, NJ, as a vital nexus for African-American professionals and aspirants who seek inner peace via a non traditional approach. Sharon’s love for writing and curiosity on how the mind works has transcended throughout her career as a writer and creative leader. Whether it be speaking at local community events or blogging about her experiences as a new mother and wife, Sharon’s testimony on how to live your best life, began to flourish.

Sharon Elise continues to strengthen her journey by teaching small workshops to new millennials in the art of yoga, finding purpose, and reflective writing. She currently hosts a monthly roundtable discussion, THE POWWOW, with her husband, Vince. Sharon has been featured in several online publications including Blavity and Be Yourself.


I’m all about creating a captivating, thought-provoking, and insightful experience for my clients. I use an authentic, reflective approach, making it easy for you to feel comfortable, vulnerable, and free. It’s my goal to create an experience that transforms your life into the one you envision, taking your vision and assisting you with bringing it to life. I hope to change the way you think about your purpose and life experiences.