I’ve been inactive on the blog for the past few weeks, spending a great deal of time in solitude, reflection, and meditation.

I took some time to care for the people that matter most in my life, family, friends, and most importantly myself.

I’d begun to neglect these things as I searched for something outside of myself.

Maintaining peace and balance is a rigorous process and one that has been met with many challenges.

Once I feel that I’ve found it, life reminds me that it’s ever-changing and always full of surprises.

I realized that it’s not the changes that wreck havoc in my life, but my responses to the changes that cause discomfort and doubt.

So instead of focusing my attention on the changes, I disconnected and choose to dedicate time to nourishing my connections.

I’d gotten so caught up in the process of creation that I’d forgotten about the healing work that is a daily and continuous process.

I didn’t spend the entire time in a space of healing. I was actually able to work on a few projects that I can’t wait to share with you.

The first of many projects is the wellness shop, which officially launched today! I’m so excited to share the wellness shop with you and look forward to releasing more products and designs in the upcoming months.

Also, I’ve also been working on two courses Cycles of Healing and What’s Next?, which will be released in the Fall. Both courses are designed to be engaging, elevating, and transformational.

It is my hope that through my work you feel motivated to cultivate your own healing, creativity, and inspiration.

May the light of your soul spring forth into your conscious awareness and direct the path of your journey. 

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