Free Yourself

Free Yourself

In a previous post, The Road to Victory, I wrote about the continuous war that we experience along life’s journey. I did not mention in this post is that this war is an internal battle that takes place within our minds. These battles of the mind are not physical experiences, though it may often seem that way. We are presented with choices in a such a way that allows for us to make our own decisions (free will). Some people continue to make the same choices, taking the easy way out, doing what they’ve always done, and expect to get different results. These people have yet to recognize the instant of their behavior. They have not freed themselves from the bondage of the mind.

The mind is a very complex factor that we do not yet fully understand as human beings. Our minds play tricks on us, working for and against us at the same time. The mind is a master of trickery, deceit, and lies. It utilizes the negative energy that we allow into our vessels to create a prison of bondage to prevent us from moving forward in our lives. This battle is a daily struggle for balance and control between our ego and spirit.

The ego is the part of ourselves that likes to believe that we are always right, have all the answers, and knows what is best for ourselves and those around us. The ego believes that it is the boss. It likes to control our daily functioning, thinking, and behaviors. Our spirit is more calm in nature, refuses to fight the battle, and is not easily angered. Our spirit recognizes that peace cannot be reached without the help of the ego, but instead chooses to submit to the power of the ego to avoid further conflict and chaos. Ego wants to reign over your life, while spirit wants to submit to your will.

We will continue to experience this struggle throughout our lifetimes, working to become balanced and grounded. If not, our lives will continued to be controlled by the unstable and inconsistencies of our minds. We must learn to let go of our rigid and flexible ways in order to develop stability between our ego and spirit. One cannot exist without the other. Both make up aspects of who you truly are and once you are capable of maintaining a space of balance and groundedness, a world of peace and happiness will be revealed to you. Let loose and break free!

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