Get Off the Fence

Get Off the Fence

There is this space called limbo, where many of us will spend a great deal of time straddling the fence between good enough and greatness. In this space, we become content with who we are, we do not believe that there is more to be accomplished, and we settle. Many people will continue to live in limbo, fearful of making any significant changes, while others will choose to step out in faith to walk towards their greatness.  

When you choose to walk in greatness, nothing can nor will stand in your way. The Universe will turn walls into doors for you to walk through. You cannot climb through the window trying to get to the next phase of your life. There are no shortcuts in life. It is a journey. Your experiences, choices, interactions, reactions, relationships, etc. make up the story of your life. You will continue to be flooded and bombarded with distractions, whose sole purpose is to interrupt the flow of your journey. It is up to you to decide what information you will allow into your being.

All information does not have to be received. You don’t like the news, stop watching. You don’t like the music, stop listening. You don’t like the food, stop eating it. You always have another choice, another option other than the one being presented to you. This does not mean that life does not have to be fun or exciting. Fun is based solely on our individual experiences and it changes over time. The things that may have been fun for you five years ago may no longer have the same appeal. Like everything else in life, our experience of what it means to have fun changes overtime as well.

We often forget that life is intended for us to enjoy it and instead get hung up on the fence refusing to move forward. Now is the time to get your business in order. Now is the time to make decisions about the kind of future that you want. Now is the time to remove yourself from distractions and negativity. Now is the time to step forward with grace, certainty, and conviction knowing that your best days are ahead of you. Now is the time to do away with being good enough. You were not born to be good enough. You were born to be great. Walk in greatness.

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