Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected

We all may have expectations for how we would like our lives to unfold. We make plans, set goals, and move through life accordingly to the map that we’ve created for ourselves. For awhile, life obliges us and allows us to take control over the direction that we are headed. We continue through life like this for awhile and might even develop the belief that we are in control of the course of our life because of how smoothly the map leads us down the path.

Unfortunately life does not continue to follow our map so smoothly and we reach a point where our lives rear off course. Relationships change, people pass on, and the life we’ve envisioned for ourselves crumbles. In these moments, when things change, seemingly unexpectedly, they can be traumatic, painful, and depressing. We have no idea that these changes were “planned” all along because they were not apart of our plan.

Life does not always go according to the plans that we have for ourselves. We just have to move through life, trusting and knowing, that everything has a purpose. Although we may not know what that purpose is, everything in life works together for good. Everything in this Universe was created with a divine purpose and that includes you. Your life is planned. Your life has been given to you for you to manifest the greatness that exists within you. You do not have to fight for it, you do not have to work for it, and you do not have to beg for it. It is yours.

Your life is a movie and you are the star. Life does not give us a peak into the script, but the show must go on. There will be script changes, replacement of cast members, and spontaneous, yet meaningful directing. When things occur in your life unexpectedly, say to yourself, “There’s been a change in the script!” Give yourself a moment to adjust to the changes, prepare for your new lines, and give the greatest performance of your life. Own this performance, it is the only one you will get.

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