Collective Beings

Life is this very intricate concept that is impossible to master and understand. Though we’ve all entered into this complex loop individually, we entered into the human existence collectively. Over time as we’ve moved through our human existence, we’ve lost sight of the collectiveness that exists within the individual. We no longer live by the philosophy, ‘‘it takes a village to raise a child” but instead have adopted the phrase, “I’m all about self.” This ‘self’ has become the most monumental being of our human existence. We feed it, validate it, clothe it, and love it. This ’self’ has joined together with other ‘selves’ to create a community of individualistic thought patterns with an illusion of collectiveness.

We’ve segregated ourselves into cliques, squads, posses, and teams. We’ve made it cool to exclude those that are different from us and that don’t fit into our group. We’ve blurred the lines of our collective human experience and created small pockets within the community that further perpetuates the ‘us verses them’ mentality. We’ve created a life that no longer resembles the collective experience, instead we’ve become individually driven, although innately we know that we were born to co-exist with others. Instead of allowing the process of synchronization to occur effortlessly and naturally the way that life intended, we decide who want in our lives and when they can be involved.

There’s no need to cause further separation and division among the human race. There are already enough blurred lines, boxes, and groups that exists within our petty, foolish world without us adding to it. We are creating an individualistic society by moving further away from our innate ability to be one with each other. The more that we become accepting of each others individual experiences, the more we will be capable of acknowledging the similarities in all of our experiences.

Though there are many experts in various different fields, curriculums, and areas, there are no experts on life. It would be great if there were people for us to go to for all the answers to life, but there are no right or wrong answers, life just is. We are all always both right and wrong based on our individual perceptions which are shaped by our experiences. We must move away from the thinking that our experience is the right experience and that everyone should do it ‘our’ way. Your way is only one way and there are many others that exist. This will move us closer to our collective nature of being. We are both the drop and the ocean. There’s no difference between the two and there’s no difference between any of us. We are all One.



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