Ego Check

The truth is sometimes hard for us to swallow. We all say that we want truth, but the moment that we enter into a space to receive it, our feelings are hurt and our egos are bruised. Though we would like to believe that we can handle the truth, our egos would much rather accept a lie. In fact, the ego will go as far as fabricating and altering the truth to make it acceptable for us to process and receive it. Ego knows no truth.

The ego is an aspect of our cognitive process and manifests itself through our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It is not a thing per se, but more of a mental state of being. It is manipulative, deceiving, and untrustworthy. The ego feels threatened and attacked when it does not or cannot have its’ way. It fights to be seen, heard, and feared. The ego believes that it is always right.

Ego is just one aspect of who we are. Our human existence is made up of both ego and spirit. The true nature of our being is a balance between the two. The ego does not define the totality of our being. In order for us to reach the space where ego and spirit co-exist, we have to first acknowledge the presence of the ego. Denying the existence of ego will only advance the detrimental behavior and stagnate our growth.

We must be willing to accept all of who we are in order to advance along our journeys. The behavior of our ego is not negative nor positive; It just is. Acknowledge the space of fear, doubt, conceit, dishonesty, and manipulation that exists within us all. This is a part of who we are. Let’s embrace the parts of ourselves that are “not so good” so that we can embrace the totality of our being. It’s time to put our egos in check and accept all of who we are. Ego and all.



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