Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a quality, a gift, that is rarely shown among the human race. Many people hope and dream of being referred to as kind, yet we lack the willingness to inhabit the true nature of kindness. We were all born into this world kind-hearted individuals and then the world took its toll on us. The world shaped and molded us with it’s harsh realities and we became hard to the core. We met people that took advantage of us, our kindness was abused, and we developed a hardness that blocked out the world.

Over time our kindness became secluded, reserved for those we deemed deserving and worthy of it. Kindness is now masked beyond layers of anger, conceit, and bitterness. These layers have served as protection from the outer world and also prevents anyone for penetrating the inner core of natural being: soft, loving, and kind. How many times have you walked pass someone with the thought “I’m not speaking to him/her unless he/she speaks to me.” This type of thinking is childish and petty. We were created to connect and share in the beauty of life with others, all people. Not just those we feel are worthy, because we all are worthy.


What better time of the year to demonstrate our innate sense of being through random acts of kindness. We can work to tear down the barriers that we have created for ourselves within the human race by giving back to the world. A simple hello, good morning, holding the door for someone, or allowing someone to pass you during rush hour morning traffic is enough to spread kindness in the world. At the same time you are showing someone else that they too can get back to their inner being of kindness and truth.

We must work to destroy these hard layers that disconnect us from the beauty of the world. They’ve created a world of separation, segregation, and detachment. We have not recognized that the further we move into time and space, the further we are moving away from the essence of our being. Today choose kindness. Utter an unwavering kindness regardless of what the day brings your way. Recognize that the more kindness we spread in this world, the more we are bridging the gap of the things that have separated us. Together, Kindness can heal the world.



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