Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is the essence of all that we are. It is in the smile of a young child, in the fellowship between friends, and in the cold frost of a winter night. There is so much beauty in the world, but it goes unnoticed because of our distorted views of what beauty truly is. Beauty is the vine from which love grows. It is in everything that is grounded and created in love. Where there is love there is beauty.

Somehow beauty has mistakenly become interchangeable with attraction. Society has had a substantial influence on our views of beauty and as a result, we believe that the true nature of beauty is rooted in our physical characteristics. Beauty has nothing to do with outside attributions and has everything to do with what is already innate. It is not something that can be with a trivial eye. Beauty just is.


Our view of our own beauty has been shaped by the experiences of our lives. We judge ourselves and others based on the unrealistic physical expectation that society says equates to beauty. We are all beautiful! Regardless of race, ethnicity, skin, color, religion, etc., beauty lies within. We cannot expect for others to recognize our beauty, if we have yet to see it within ourselves.

Beauty exists within us all. It is in everything and everyone. We just have to open our eyes in order to see it. Accepting the true nature of what beauty is will change the worldview of beauty. We shape the world, the world does not shape us. We have to first see it in ourselves before we can recognize it in another. We are the beholders of beauty. Behold the beauty within!



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