Never Stop

At some point in all of our lives we were afforded the opportunity to sit in a classroom and be taught by a teacher. The teacher’s responsibility was to educate us on things that we were not yet knowledgeable of or needed to master skills in. As we moved through our schooling years, each grade level added on to the knowledge that we received from the previous years. That is, until we reached the highest level of our learning experience and adopted the notion that our educational experience was completed.

Most people do not consider furthering their education upon completion of their formal schooling. They feel that they’ve learned all they need to know and that there’s not much more that needs to be gained. Formal education only provides us with the basic tools that we need
to survive, but we don’t just want to survive, we want to thrive.
Thriving requires seeking out answers to questions that have yet to
be discovered and continuing to learn as we progress through our


Learning does not end once we have physically left the classroom. Once we begin to
ask questions, we recognize that there is more to be discovered and much
that we still do not know. The
world is one big classroom and every day we have an opportunity to learn
something new. We should never stop seeking to learn more and must be willing to seek out experiences that
will enhance our personal development. Though not popularized in our
society, self-education is one of the greatest forms of learning.

The beauty of life is that we will never have all the answers to
everything and that’s okay. It keeps us guessing, seeking, and
questioning. Accept that you do not have all the answers and move
forward allowing your curiosity to wonder and search for answers of
the things that puzzle you. You will discover that there’s much to learn
and it’s more than what meets the eyes. Allow yourself to explore and
discover the wonders of the world. Always seek. And never stop learning. Because the more we learn, the less we know.



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