Begin with Peace

Begin with Peace

Ask any person in this world what they want in life and their reply will be, “To be happy.” Though no person in the history of the human race can say that they have been or always are happy, we strive for this state of being daily. Happiness is not a permanent state of being. We fluctuate in and out of moments of happiness based on our experiences and the sensations that we feel from being stimulated from those experiences. We then equate these moments into our understanding of what it means to be happy.

The richest people in the world are generally the unhappiest and the most impoverished people in the world are usually the happiest. Yet we’ve come to equate time, money, and success with happiness. Materialism and intangible things have become representations of our happiness. We believe that we will be happier once we reach a certain level of success or monetary value. Happiness is an emotional state of being and like all emotions it is fleeting.

The cycle of life does not permit for us to remain at any emotional state of being all the time. The only state of being that we can reach that has lasting effects is peace. Peace is a state of balance and evenness that cannot be distracted nor disturbed. When we achieve true peace, regardless of what is happening around us, we are capable of withstanding any forces that come against us. During good times or bad times, we are able to remain at peace.

We need to turn our efforts towards seeking peace instead of searching for happiness. Peace is immovable and unshakable. It is capable of withstanding the test of times. The suffering of the world can not be changed if we cannot heal our own suffering. Practicing inner peace will lead to outer peace. Everything starts within. Make a commitment to seek the peace that resides within you. It is all the happiness you will ever need.

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