This is Love

— This is Love

Love is the greatest substance on this planet. It has the power to create, heal, and transform. It is by far the most powerful superpower that the human race will ever know. Though it is very much apart of our daily lives, many people do not have an understanding of the depth and magnitude of what love truly is. Love is more than the physical and emotional stimulation that we feel from another person when they have done something satisfying for us. Love goes far beyond anything that anyone can do for you.

Over time we’ve formed distorted views and opinions of love and have succumbed to the mediocre ideals of it. We meaninglessly use the term and reduce it’s power to a simple word instead of an experience. We have created a subjective perspective of it and as such our expression of love varies depending on various dynamics that affect our feelings. We have not effectively represented the true nature of love.

The true nature of love is a representation of an experience, not just a feeling. It is an experience that many people find hard to even describe. It fills the atmosphere with heighten energy that allows us to show compassion, care, and kindness for one another. It is unwavering, bold, fearless, compassionate, and forgiving. Love is unconditional. It does not change.

Collectively we need to shift our understanding of what love is. We must start within in order to raise the collective experience of love. It starts within and spreads widely and deeply throughout the universe. Love yourself, first, then share and spread love to others. Your first experience of love was inside your mother’s womb, before you’d ever physically met her, you loved her. This is the passion and depth of the love that we need to share with the world. Without cause. Without purpose. Just because. This is love.

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