Just Trust

— Just Trust

Life calls us to make very difficult decisions; perhaps quitting a job, ending a relationship, or even setting boundaries with a friend. These are difficult choices to make and are not always easy. There were times in my life that I would hold off on making important decisions because I felt that I couldn’t trust myself. I would seek counsel from friends and family members; however I would still make the choice that I felt was best for me.

The problem was that I couldn’t trust myself. Though I wasn’t consciously aware of this fact, in hindsight, I was very impulsive and reckless. I hadn’t yet learned how to trust myself and ended up making terrible choices. I would say that I could feel it in my heart, but the truth was I had confused my heart with my emotions. Emotions are the worst indicator for decision-making. Listening to our emotions will have us making permanent decisions with temporary feelings.


When you become capable of listening and trusting yourself, a world of peace is created for you. The peace that you will have in your heart is better than any worry, anxiety, or doubt that you’ve ever had. It feels good to be able to trust yourself. Trusting your spirit allows you the space to say, “I know what’s best for me” and to be able stand behind that conviction. I won’t say that I can trust myself completely, but I am learning to trust myself. I’m building a trusting relationship and I’ve become my own best friend. So now when I have to make difficult decisions, though I still seek outside counsel, I know that when I make the final choice that it IS the best decision for me.

We have to be able to know that we are capable of making the best decisions for ourselves when things seem difficult and we find ourselves at a crossroad. We have to gain trust for ourselves. Trust in our abilities, our thinking, our choices, and in our behaviors. In those moments when you don’t know which way to go, stand still, breathe deeply, exhale, and move forward towards your spirit, trusting and knowing that the decision that you make is ultimately the best decision you can make for yourself. Trust yourself!

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